Enshrouded server

En tiger

Enshrouded server

En tiger

Enshrouded Server

En tiger

Our host

En Tiger | Enshrouded.se

Port: 15866
Query Info Port: 15867

If the server is now shown in the server list, see FAQ below "How to connect?"


How to connect?

Add our ip to Steam Favorite in order to join. Steam > View > Game Servers > Favorite > "+" > IP:QUERY ( In order to get our password, join our discord https://discord.gg/dEDNt7ygwZ

Is the server protected by griefers and hackers?

Will the server exist?

16 slots

Maxed out server slots, so everyone can join and enjoy our server "En Tiger" and Enshrouded


Your epic awaits in a world that never sleeps – no waiting, just adventure in 'En Tiger Enshrouded.se'


Unite with warriors anytime – 'En Tiger Enshrouded.se' thrives without pause, no hosts needed, just heroes.